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   Saturday, March 09, 2002  
yesterday we found out that 3 guys from our school - Centereach HS died in a car accident with another guy and 2 girls. everyone was so messed up at school. they had 4 classrooms filled with kids and with guidence counselors. probably about 30 kids went home bc they were so upset. one of the guys was this girl rachels' boyfriend. i knew rachel in 5th grade and after that we kinda lost contact but we still talked sumtimes. and then one of them was this girl marquita's brother. she didnt deserve this. she is really pretty and poopular and she goes out of her way to be nice to people. u dont see that at all nemore. damn. and the car was a wreck. god i was just sitting there realizing that if anything like that happened to my friends or sister i dont know what i would do. i seriously cant imagine how that would be. everyone was signing these posters for the families. ppl said stuff like "marcus and tom - we love you. hold a spot in heaven for me" and "marcus - you had my mom and sisters back and i will do the same for you. i love you." it was so sad. me and my friend didnt know the kids personally but we were tearin just looking at it. it makes u think about yourself and your friends..
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   Wednesday, March 06, 2002  
woo whoo!! i am worth $2,172,684.00. at!!
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this is so sad
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   Monday, March 04, 2002  
Ohh no. It's Monday again. *sighz* lol. I almost didnt go to school this morning. I was so tired it's not even funny. I could not a to sleep last night. Dont you just hate when that happens? I was watching HBO last night which I love the channel. I watched some of teh Sopranos and then a lil Six Feet Under and then this Monica documentary. She seems pretty convincing and like upset about what happened and all. But then again she could jus be a phony. Well thats what my night was last night. And then today was pretty much the same as any other day. I did get to talk to my guidence teacher about my schedule for next year. Ima be takin Intro to Commercial Art, Fashion and Design, Textile and Design, and Intro to Occupations 2 {which i need for my Cosmotology courses ima take in 11th and 12th grade}. Thats pretty much my day so far. And I am working on my site trying to work my way into building it a lil at a time.
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   Sunday, March 03, 2002  
Yesterday I had to go film my spanish project over myfriend Britt's house. It took us 4 hours to get the damn thing done but at least we were all friends and we had fun. Her house is absolutely gorgeous!! That is like the perfect house for me. They have their walls painted and mirrors everywhere, they have like the nicest family and everything. Well I notice that I always find myself saying that about ppl and then having it turn out that they are not perfect at all. But I love the house. And Britt and Michaela are like the sweetest ppl. They are actually like good people and good friends. And so is Alessandra. And I am so happy that I am getting closer to these ppl b/c i havent really had good people in my life in a long time. As far as friends go I mean. And i'm seeing that my mom has given me a lot more freedom lately and I want to thank her for that. But im not sure how. I know that sounds weird..

Also last night I was online talking to some friends {Rory and Tracy} and it was really funny. I'll have the convos put up on here soon. I forgot how much I love writing online. It feels like I know I have someplace that is just mine. I place where I can write exactly what I feel and I dont have to think twice about what I say.. as long as I am careful. I feel more organized now and just more grounded. I dunno.. maybe i'm just crazy. lol.
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   Saturday, March 02, 2002  
Last night was pretty boring. Alessandra called me to see if I could hang out with her and her friend Phil. They both really like each other but they havent gotten together yet b/c of certain ppl and b/c they live far away. But they make the perfect couple. I wanted ta do sumthin and she is the sweetest girl in the whole world.. seriously. So i went. We got there and she tells me that we r gonna meet this other girl Jessica there. Everyone says she is so annoying but she is actually pretty nice. And then we walked around waiting for Phil and his friends to show up. I was also sposed to chill with this guy Rory but i never called him so that didnt work out. Anywayz so while we were waiting Jamie {Alessandra's ex-Boyfriend} and his girl Danielle walk in. They left soon after that so everything was ok. Then they walk in with this asshole and ex-friend of mine - Anthony {long story.. i'll get around to it eventually} and these other fat girls {i have nothing against overweight ppl but if u knew my feelingz on the situation you would understand. no offense to anyone} one i used to be close with.. but that pretty much ruined the night. There wasnt any guys there worth talking to. But at least I got to meet Phil and I hope they hook up soon. He's a lil skinny for her but they look really cute 2gether. Also saw these other girls that that I do not get along with. It was pretty boring but at least I got out of the house and I got to hang out with Ali.

I also just started writing online again and am just getting started with my new site - La Bella Vita {The Beautiful Life in Italian}. Im a lil scared about writing online again b/c I will have to keep it secret and be real careful. I love to write but I know that if ppl I am close to end up reading it I will end up regretting things that I have said and ppl will get hurt and I dont want that. I am a huge privacy freak and no one seems to realize how important that is to me. I need to have certain things to myself but certain ppl {like my mom} just dont understand that. *sighz*
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